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Minotaur gym is a place for all kinds of people regardless of age, cultural or creed. The amazing coach and awesome team that help run it make everyone feel welcome and part of a big family that is always striving to help one another become their greatest version.

Since joining 5 years ago i am so grateful i found this gym, the support and love i have received and been able to give from this family , i can never repay and will forever cherish the moments shared for the rest of my life

I first entered the gym when I was 16, and as a woman, joining gyms can be daunting, especially high impact sports. However from the first day, everyone treated me with the upmost respect and kindness, and I have been going back ever since. The training is hard and really pushes you to your limits, but the hard work pays off and it is extremely enjoyable. From padwork, strength and conditioning to sparring, I have always been included and felt welcome and supported. Minotaur gym is a fantastic place to train. Lewis is really passionate and loves what he does, and it really shows with the quality of training. You build bonds with people you train with, and they work as a great team. I’d say that the people who go to Minotaur gym aren’t just training partners, they are family.

I’ve been at minotaur gym for 4 years now and I’m so happy I went to a class as a complete beginner I never looked back after I love my team like a second family they are always there to help no question asked my coach Lewis is amazing i wouldn’t be the fighter I am today without him he cares about us as a team and individuals I couldn’t ask for a better coach  an team

The training at the gym is amazing, I love the hard sessions in fight camp and the general atmosphere we have in the gym no other gym like it

my experience at Minotaur gym has been nothing but great memories and great training. My ability since joining the gym has gone through the roof due to the head coach Lewis and the members/friends who I train with and fight alongside with. Lewis has got so much knowledge in the sport which he’s coached and taught me over the years which has given me the opportunity to teach in my local area he’s a great coach and good friend. Being a fighter for the gym is a great honor and the atmosphere around the gym is second to none. I've made some great friends from the gym.

I’ve been a proud member of Minotaur’s for 10 years now and, having trained at other set-ups, I can honestly say Lewis Taylor runs one of the best gyms in the country.

He has done an absolutely incredible job taking over the leadership and management role from his father and long-standing trainer and previous champion Paul back in 2015 and you will not find a more dedicated, committed and professional trainer than Lewis.

The time and financial investment Lewis continually pours into the gym through classes, promotion, training fighters and of course attending fight events and inter-clubs is incredible and he is an absolute credit to the sport and his family.

Lewis always leads by example which is an ongoing inspiration to all the Minotaur ‘family’ regardless of age and ability.

I highly recommend anyone from beginner to experienced to come down and train. You won’t find a more welcoming gym or indeed better tuition anywhere.

This gym has been by far the biggest cornerstone to my maturing process as a young adult and I could never be more grateful. The gym is rich in talent and more importantly, quality coaching. Having a mentor figure like Lewis in my life has allowed me to confidently face many of life’s challenges attributed with my age as well as gather a wealth of experience from the different age groups in the gym. The atmosphere is very warm and welcoming and the coach actually cares about you! His unparalleled patience helps all beginners find their groove and his unmatched drive to see them succeed is what makes his fighters special. Outside of the gym Lewis is my good friend and easily the most down to earth person I know.

First thing I noticed when I joined Minotaur Gym was how welcoming everyone was. Head coach Lewis is always excited to help everyone, especially newcomers, and makes sure we're all enjoying the sessions by mixing it up as much as possible. There's no other gym like it, I felt like I was part of the family right away!

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